Got a suitcase?

Over the past twenty years I have worked and lived in many places.
I think from themid 90’s I have now lived at over ten separate address’s some rented others owned. I even moved house three times in one year! And it’s just not me. Out of
all the folks that I have worked with they can all relate a similar story. If you
are going to work, in the Games Industry be prepared to move, a lot! There are
some lucky folks who have been with the same companies for over ten years;
these folk are few and far between. The truth is that the industry is a fragile
and fickle beast. Trends come and go, projects dry up, new tech emerges,
financial strings are pulled the list goes on. Companies in the UK will want
you to work in-house , I assume the same can be said for the rest of the world.
Even if you are on contract you will still have to move to the city where the
job is so what happens when the contract ends? Its suitcase time again! You can
minimize the amount you have to travel by setting up house in one of the
current industry hubs or getting into a company with a secure amount of work
for the next few years or who have just have a mega hit, but not even those are
100% proof of job security. So what would I suggest to survive this…

1. Have a very, very, very, understanding partner. I can’t stress
this enough!

2. Be well informed of current trends in the job market and
company status of places where you want to work.

3. Be up to speed with all the relevant packages for the field you
are in.

4. Practice, practice, practice, even while in a work, try to
learn at least one new thing a day.

5. Keep a suitcase ready.






About conceptbloke/guy

Creative for over the past twenty years.
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